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Beginner Class

Welcome to your first steps, literally, into Salsa dancing. Whether you have no experience at all or have taken a couple of Salsa classes, this beginner's course is perfect for you. This course is a 6 weeks course taught with patience and encouragement. In these 6 classes you will learn the timing & rhythm of Salsa, the core basic steps & turns in Salsa and the basic principles of leading and following in partner dancing.

For those who feel they have 'two left feet', you will discover that you do have a right foot after all!

No dance experience necessary! No partner required.


Intermediate Class

This class is the next step after the beginner class. You now are confident and ready to start learning new moves and creating your own basic patterns combination. 

Every class will be a new adventure with new moves, leading and following techniques.


Advanced Class

Now that we got you dancing, we will turn our attention to partner-work, focusing on the cross-body lead, right turn and cross-body turn variations with emphasis on creating various basic turn-pattern combinations and adding styling for the followers. Timing and rhythm will be built-up and encouraged.By now, you will feel assured and confident when hitting the dance floor!


Performance Class (currently on hold)

The class will be focusing on the optimization and re-definition of the existing salsa and bachata choreographies. The group will perform at the theatre and pubblic events. Admission to this class is subject to approval from the instructors. Partner is required for this class.